Noisy dishwasher? Here is How to Fix It

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It is certainly frustrating to deal with a noisy dishwasher and having a professional serviceman to fix the issue can be really expensive. Here is the truth- even for people who do not consider themselves eligible, repairing a noisy dishwasher is not at all difficult.

Dishwashers tend to make noise mainly due to malfunctioning of the circulation pump motor and housing. For instance, you may notice that your dishwasher is making noise when draining or when water circulates; there are high chances that your circulation pump motor needs a replacement.

In addition, you can also experience noises like humming, buzzing, clicking, or any other loud noise; do not panic. You can conveniently troubleshoot the issue yourself without hiring a professional serviceman.

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Whirlpool Range Oven Temperature Sensor Replacement WPW10181986

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In modern electronic range ovens, the temperature sensor is something that is responsible for regulating the oven temperature. If the temperature sensor fails to function properly, the appliance does not start. Many contemporary ovens display an error code if the temperature sensor is malfunctioning.

Below is a step by step instructional guide to replace your oven temperature sensor (Part Number WPW10181986)

Step 1: Unthread the Screws and Remove the Rear Panel

1.1 Before you replace the temperature sensor in your range be sure to unplug the power cord

1.2 Use a Phillips head screwdriver to unthread the screws securing the upper rear access panel

Step 2: Disconnect the Temperature Sensor Wire Connector

2.1 Pull the panel down … Read More »

Nontraditional Festive Traditions- Kitchen Appliance Maintenance at Its Best

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Its festive season- with your friends and neighbors visiting you, delicious cuisines taking center stage, and Christmas advent pleasantly leading you towards the big day, festive time is when you rely on your kitchen appliances the most.

While your family gears up for Christmas and New Year celebrations, you may probably have something more important up your sleeve. Whether you’re baking cakes and cookies or having a variety of edibles stored in your refrigerator, ensuring that your appliances are in good shape is of utmost importance.

Below are some appliance maintenance tips for your kitchen appliances that you can implement to ensure smooth functioning of your appliances.

How to Clean and Maintain a Dishwasher?

Assuming that your dishwasher is getting cleaned while it washes … Read More »

How to Replace an Oven Bake Element- 316075104

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Oven Bake Element is a heating element situated below the oven. In many modern electric ovens, a baking cycle comprises of both, the oven broil element and the oven bake element where the bake element performs 90 percent of the heating process. The oven does not heat if the bake element is not functioning properly.

Below is a systematic guide to help you replace the oven bake element easily. (Part Number: 316075104)

Step 1: Remove the Oven Rack
1.1 Carefully unplug the appliance from the socket.
1.2 Remove the oven rack from the appliance.

Step 2: Remove the Bake Element
2.1 Remove the mounting screws that hold the bake element to the oven.
2.2 Carefully pull out the old bake element by disconnecting the two wires.
2.3 If you are unable to easily reach the wires, you may need to remove the back panel to access them.

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How to Replace Refrigerator Condenser Fan Motor- WR60X10220

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Refrigerator is perhaps the hardest working kitchen appliance. You certainly cannot continue to have a regular day in the kitchen if your refrigerator is not in good shape. If your fridge is producing a weird noise or is malfunctioning, you first need to check the refrigerator condenser fan motor. Contemporary Frost-free refrigerators come with a fan cooled condenser coil. This coil is situated near the compressor.
Below are some steps that lead you to a seamless condenser fan motor replacement (WR60X10220)

Step 1: Remove the Back Panel
1.1 Pull the plug and disconnect the power
1.2 Turn the water valve off first and then disconnect it at the inlet water valve to disconnect the water supply
1.3 Remove the back panel it’s held in place with four quarter inch hex head screws

Step 2: Disconnect the Wire Harness and Condenser Fan Motor
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Was It Just Cleaning The Projector Air Filter That Made A Difference? Really?

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It was a bright sunny day and we were doing what we do best – delighting our valuable customers with our products and services. Guess what? We suddenly got an email from Betty saying her projector is behaving weird since a while.

So who’s Betty?

She is a close resident and a lovely lady. Not to forget, an excellent teacher. While in the middle of her lecture she noticed that her projector started flickering. Initially she assumed there must be some issue with the lamp, but after trying hard to deal with it for an hour, she decided to mail us. We feel sorry for the hard time she had fixing the lamp.

Well, want to know what we did? It’s simple!!!

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Wait, Did You Just Earn A Concert Pass Because Of An Icemaker?

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Hello Folks! Hope the summer is not driving you nuts.

Don’t worry, our story is going to get you refreshed. So want to know how Edward earned a concert pass because of an icemaker?

Well, it might sound insane but it isn’t, Edward has been running the local ice cream parlor for about 10 years now and needs a lot of ice for smoothies that everyone seems to want these days. One hot day, Edward hears a weird grinding sound and finds that his ice maker has broken down. Panic sets in!!!

He called his friend Mark, who is good with fixing things and after looking into the problem for quite some time, figured out it was the ice maker that needed to be replaced.

Good job Mark!

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Gardening Tool- The Secret Of Richard and Amara’s Blossoming Love

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Can gardening bring couples closer? Well yes, especially when both are fond of it. at least, it has come true in Richard and Amara’s case. Both make a lovely couple and the best part of their relationship is that both of them share the same interest- GARDENING

This is something that bonds them together. Isn’t it great? They have a beautiful lawn and it is taken care of really well. Amara decided to groom her garden the other day. This could be done by simply using a lawn mower as there was nothing much to do. She buckled up and started with her job all excited and fresh.

It was all going well until the lawn mower stopped functioning just when she was half done. This certainly got her upset … Read More »

Refrigerator Repair: How to Replace the Water Inlet Valve

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Repairing a water inlet valve of a refrigerator does not require a professional assistance, provided you have some knowledge about the troubleshooting process. So before we go any further, let us first dive into some insights of where the refrigerator water inlet valve is situated and how you can replace it.

The water inlet valve is a device which is operated electronically. It connects your fridge to the household water supply if you possess a water dispenser or an icemaker. This inlet valve is found behind the refrigerator at the bottom. It functions by supplying water to the dispenser. With regular use, the electronic part of the inlet valve tends to become faulty. As a result, the water dispenser stops working, water leaks from fridge bottom, or the ice maker does not make ice. In such cases, it is better to … Read More »

Little Mary’s Range Oven And A Memorable Thanksgiving

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Kids get fascinated seeing something turning into a marvel. If it’s a girl, watching momma cook delicious food is super exciting. Mary has the same fad.

Mary is a 13-year-old sweet girl having extreme love for cooking. Although she is quite young to handle the whole cooking stuff, she enjoys doing it to the core, and her parents (John and Susan) allow her to operate things while investigating her activities at regular intervals.

So this is what happened in Mary’s kitchen…

The family had just shifted to their new house. Thanksgiving was a week later, and Mary was as excited as ever to prepare something for the big day. She geared up and practiced everyday so that she could put her 100 % into making something really amazing on the day of thanksgiving. But an unfortunate event followed the other day.

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Cookies, Mother’s Recipe Kept Alive

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Annie is a retired college lecturer who has now established herself as a Cookie Woman in her town. Her aim is sharing love and friendship through her cookies, and people love it.
Here’s her story…

Cookies, Mother’s Recipe Kept Alive
By Annie and Steve Antonius, Rome

I love spending time in the kitchen and cooking variety of delicacies, but there is something different when it comes to baking. It’s more of my passion than my hobby. I recon when I was in school, after coming back from school just before I used to sit for my homework, my mother would serve fresh cookies for me. Cookies have been an important part of the family since a long time.

After my retirement, I decided to keep myself busy by devoting maximum time into preparing cookies just like my … Read More »

Chilled Fruit Salad in Scorching Heat- Thanks to Quick Compressor Replacement

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Not in his wildest dreams did James imagine that his refrigerator compressor would break down right when he had a family gathering organized the next day.
Are you anxious to know how it happened and who on earth is James?

You don’t have to get the imagination rolling, read on to know him.

James is a proud son of Ken and Doris. The couple has 5 adopted children. It’s a normal American family- as normal as it could be having 5 children all matured and grown up. James is the one bitten by cooking bug.

His mom Doris can definitely enjoy her summer weekends to the core as James takes charge in the kitchen.

They had a family gathering organized next afternoon and James was all set to prepare some delicious food. One of the items being a chilled fruit salad with custard. An evening … Read More »

Kitchen Nightmares: Thanksgiving Edition

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Hey everyone! I hope you had a good week and that all your appliances are running nice and smooth.

So here is a holiday that could have ended disastrously. Mike and Kate from Silver Springs Nevada had been married a couple months when they moved into their first house. Thanksgiving was just around the corner and they wanted to break in the new house. They decided to host Thanksgiving. Kate (who had attended culinary school) loved to cook. She would cook all the meals for her and Mike. No matter if it was lasagna or meatloaf or ribs, she loved the oven that came with the house.

Now as you can probably imagine this is where things went horrible wrong. They had a nice Maytag stove but about a week before Thanksgiving the stove displayed a F1 error and it wouldn’t work. … Read More »

Fourth-Down Freak-Out

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Da Bears, am I right? Okay even if you’re not a Bears fan still read this story.

First off Natalie is a mom who does not care for football… at all. She doesn’t understand it and she doesn’t want to understand it. She and her family live in Downers Grove (a suburb of Chicago, Illinois) so her husband Jeff and her 16 year old son Eric are die hard Bears fans.

It was opening week in the NFL and Eric was supposed to be doing chores as punishment for staying out too late the night before. But, being a typical 16 year old, he neglected his chores and watched the game with his dad. One of his chores was to clean the drawer of the refrigerator that his little sister spilled orange juice all over.

Towards the end of the 4th quarter a … Read More »

Do Children Come in Stainless Steel too?

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What’s the latest kitchen trend? In the 80’s appliances came in black. In the 90’s it was all about white. And if you have remodeled a kitchen or seen a remodeled kitchen from the 2000’s you’d know it’s all about the stainless steel.

Frank and Lea moved to Oak Hill, Tennessee with their children (oldest to youngest) Mark, Michael, Mathew, and the little Michelle. They (as Lea put it not me) are a very loud and sociable family. This caused them to make friends with the entire neighborhood.

In their new kitchen there were stainless steel appliances. Now, anyone who has stainless steel appliances knows that it is very easy to get finger prints all over them.   Michelle, being 6 years old, loved to touch everything so they had to constantly clean their appliances to keep the kitchen looking nice for their … Read More »

How the Ice Maker Saved a Life!

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Hey Guys and Gals! It’s been a while since our last post but don’t worry.

Since then we’ve accumulated some pretty great stories.  So want to hear how the ice maker “saved” a life?

A month or two back we received an email from Carol S. from Delhi Ohio. Carol is a stay at home mom with 3 small children. Steven is 7 and the two twins Molly and Samantha are 4.

It was a hot summer day and the Carol was watching the kids as they were playing in the kiddy pool (remember those days?). Steven was very thirsty and wanted water.  He then went inside and Carol didn’t think anything of it. A few minutes went by and Carol heard a crash from inside. She ran into the house and there was Steven standing on the chair up against the refrigerator with the icemaker on the floor in pieces. … Read More »

You Spent How Much on a Television?

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Speaking from a man’s standpoint I always want the biggest and best television. After all, it’s a macho thing. It’s bragging rights. It means being the man who has the TV that everyone wants to watch the big game on. Recently I came home with a 60” Sony Bravia LED TV…and what would a TV like that be without a great surround sound system? So obviously, I bought one of those as well. When I came home from the local consumer electronics store my wife did not share my excitement over my new purchase. All she could say is, “you spent what on that TV & surround sound system?!?!”


Judging by her reaction I knew it might be a problem when I broke the television stand the first week that I had the TV. What was I going to do? The … Read More »

Returning Old To New

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After Don who, who was featured in my previous posting, shared his 15 minutes of fame with some other neighbors I received a Facebook message asking for help with ‘something similar to Don’s issue’. Being the good neighbor that I am I stopped over to see John the next day who promptly invited me in and began to show off his new brand new LG LED TV. After chatting about the joys of new toys for us boys John shared with me that he was really interested in trying to reclaim some of the glory from his old Sony 60XBR950 rear projection TV.  It appears that the new TV was getting more showings of The Real Housewives (of some place or another) as opposed to anything that really interested him and he needed some space of his own.

We went … Read More »

A Puppy And The Replacement Remote Control

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I was speaking with my neighbor Don over the weekend while he was walking his beautiful chocolate Labrador retriever puppy. During our chat he mentioned that Madison still has not outgrown the chewing of many household items! He then went on to explain that her most recent chewing episodes have centered around items from his study…apparently she chewed the remote control for his Samsung 50” Plasma TV as well as the remote for his Sony Blu-Ray player.  The AC adapter for his Dell laptop (luckily it was unplugged!) also fell victim to Madison and she was even found chewing on a $20 bill!  Don’s main concern was not that his dog was still chewing things but mostly that he was unsure how to control his TV for the Bears game the upcoming Sunday.

I’m not exactly sure … Read More »

PartSimple Announces Worldwide Shipping Capabilities; More Than Five Million Home Replacement Parts Available

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PartSimple (, a one-stop-shop for anyone seeking replacement parts for most major consumer electronics, appliance, computer, and wireless brands, is now offering worldwide shipping for anything in its inventory of more than five million parts.

This new service allows anyone anywhere in the world – including consumers, businesses, and repair professionals – to tackle consumer electronics and appliance repairs by quickly finding, ordering, and receiving the replacement parts they need, all from a single source. By simplifying the complexities of international shipping and customs regulations in the global economy, PartSimple has been able to significantly expand its customer base beyond the United States to Canada, Mexico, Europe, Australia, and the Middle East.

PartSimple has parts available for most home products introduced over the last 20 years. Repairing rather than replacing not only costs less, but can also build customer and brand loyalty, … Read More »